Weekly Links #10

Web developers. You suck.
Specifically aimed at those who write poor JavaScript code, on some large sites in particular.

Smart CSS Ain’t Always Sexy CSS
On writing good stylesheets.

Project anti-pattern: Many projects in a Visual Studio Solution File

Many projects don’t lead to a good solution
Response to above link.

Foundations of Programming – Learning Application
A sample application (with source!) to accompany the ebook published recently.

Separation of Concerns by example: Part 5
The final part of the recent series. A great series, very educational.

.NET Utility Libraries Galore
A collection of links to various .NET utility libraries.

CodeStore – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
A series of articles showing the use and integration of various tools and techniques in a .NET project.

Using a Custom Class To Create JSON in PHP
Cool , have been meaning to give JSON a try.

Domain Registry Scam
Scary…one needs to be wary of such mailings.

15 Resources To Get You Started With jQuery From Scratch

WordPress 2.6
Wow, that was quick! 2.5 was just a few months ago.

Theme Directory
For WordPress, ala the plugin directory. Must check it out.