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Building Blocks

Zurb recently announced the availability of the building blocks showcase for hosting custom components created by people using the Foundation framework. I’ve used Foundation before so was interested in looking at the listing. There are a few entries that have given me some inspiration for what I can do on my own site and elsewhere. The listing can be searched, browsed by category, or browsed from oldest to newest. Each item contains a preview mode and the relevant markup, Sass/CSS, and JavaScript used to achieve the demoed effect.

Announcement blog post

Eric Meyer on CSS Grid and Quotes

Styling of drop quotes (and drop caps) has long been a topic on the web. CSS Grid recently arrived in several major browsers, with the obvious use of handling page layout. Eric Meyer has put forth an alternate use of the grid system, to style drop quotes for blockquotes, though this could possibly be extended to manage drop caps also.

Blue Jays Franchise at 40

I’m a Blue Jays fan, so I read with great interest the linked article detailing the franchise’s start. I knew they had started out in the old Exhibition Stadium and didn’t move into the Skydome – now Rogers Center – until some years later. Got a chuckle at the use of a Zamboni on the field due to the snow.

Happy birthday, Blue Jays. Here’s to many more, and yet another successful season.

Review: Alas, Babylon

Author: Pat Frank Publisher: Harper Perennial Published: 1959 Pages: 323 As part of my ongoing interest in the Second World War (evidenced by my World War 2 tag) I have been looking for books, both fiction and non-fiction, that told stories, not merely presenting facts like The Necessary War. Not that there’s anything wrong with […]

Going Fisheyed with the Nikon 10.5mm

In previous posts in my photography tag, I’ve documented my learning process and acquisition of new equipment. I’ve long eyed getting a fisheye lens; it’s not an overly practical lens versus a fast prime or a fast telephoto, but it can be used to create some interesting photos. I lucked out last summer and found […]

Extending WordPress – Customizing the Customizer

Introduction There has long been a practice in themes including a theme settings page within the administrative dashboard. The customizer, which first appeared in [which??] has been intended as a place to centralize appearance-related settings. WordPress has since been encouraging use of the customizer over theme options pages. The Customizer Whither options pages? WordPress for […]

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