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Welcome to my site. Have a look around, stay as long as you like. There's plenty to see.

You can read a bit about me to the right, and find out what I do with this site below.

About Me

I'm a twenty-something male, greatly interested in technology, books, and art, among numerous other subjects.

I've been blogging for several years, and have evolved a complete site out of what was once just a blog.

You can get more information about me and this site on the About page, so go have a look if you are curious.


Blogging is a way to quickly share information, opinions, and news with people on the web. I'll write about anything that interests me, be it technology, current events, the arts, and more.

Feel free to browse the archives and leave comments on any entries you find interesting.


I've worked on a number of projects in the past. They are listed in the Portfolio, and are accompanied by screenshots and descriptions of the work involved. They help to show the evolution of my skills over the years.